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Winter Wars II

Augusta, Georgia March 16, 2002

I made it through the Winter Wars 2002 with only a few bruises and a runner-up plaque. It was a great weekend in Augusta. If you get a chance to go there, get a room in the penthouse of the Partridge Inn just off the Augusta State U campus. It has a great patio and view of the city. I really love going to these fight nights now that I have so many friends that I see only at those times and get to catch up with them. Here's the first of the picts from that night. It was in the ASU fieldhouse. It was a great venu but a little big for us as it turned out. I am the one in the black and white with the blue gloves. You can't really tell here but even though we were practically the same weight, she was 6 inches taller than me. I had the hardest time getting over her jab.
Here's two more picts of me. They are from the IKF Winter Wars Picture page (click on it to see more from that night).