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Here they are, the 2000 Thanksgiving pictures. There weren't many but we all had a great time.
The whole clan came to my place in Atlanta. We had a great time. Mom, Dad, and Nanny stayed in my apt while the "kids", Tim, Erin, Greg, and Uli stayed at a hotel just down the street. We stayed up late every night spending good quality time and played many a hand of Pit and 3-13. We got out into Atlanta some too and saw World of Coca-Cola and Atlanta Underground.
Here's Nanny in the kitchen with all the food ready for the buffet line.
We've waited long enough, let's eat!
As usual for Thanksgiving, we had plenty (dare we say, too much?) food and ALL of it was GOOD.
Everyone helped out with the dinner and atmosphere. Credits go to the following:

Tim for the garlic mashed potatoes and salad.

Greg for the hummos and guac.

Nanny for bread pudding and beans.

Dad for the firewood.

Mom for starting (and maintaining a fire) and the stuffing.

Erin for breaking up the pecans.

Uli for keeping Greg in line (see below).

Of course what family reunion would be complete without a little family togetherness. :)
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