Luckypenpen is created! On St. Patrick's Day (March 17) 2000, I packed everything I owned and moved from Virginia Beach to Atlanta. This is where I started writing the webpage and where I have discovered how to enjoy life. This page covers my basic interests, kickboxing, motorcycles, folk dancing, and flying. There is more in 2002 and 2003. Be sure to check out those pages too.

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(Dec 8, 2001) Well, the first Battle at the Brewery is over. I wasn't sure if it would go on after going thru 4 different opponents before the last one "confirmed" four days before the fight but she showed up to the weigh-ins. THEN, get this, I weighed in at 126lbs and she was 138lbs! That's 3 weight classes apart. At first I thought that they weren't going to let us fight but then they said if we both agreed it would continue but it would be unsanctioned. That was fine because I came there to fight. And fight I did. It was a good match and we both did well but once again, the split decision came up against me. Several people, including other coaches approached me later and said that they thought I won but what can you do? Anyway, now I'm ranked in the Amateur Women's Full Contact Featherweight division as 2nd and also in the International Lightweight division as 2nd. If you want to see more go here and scroll down to the article titled "The Power of the "Big" Right Hand" and read down. I also want to thank my Mom and Grandma for coming from Michigan to watch me (and videotape) and for all my friends and co-workers for showing up and supporting me.

(October 2001) Finally I have a real job. I was hired full time at Neovest as of 10/8/01. It's tough because I haven't had to be at work at 8am and work a 40 hr week since Feb. Luckily I didn't just sit around on my time off, I worked out sometimes 4 hrs a day and I was working part time too. Anyway, I love my job and I'm really staying busy during the time I'm there. That's the thing about being an assistant, everyone thinks that they have to find things for you to do and I have plenty! It will be nice to be able to afford things I want to have and to do now. Although now who has the time? That's life I guess.

(September 2001) Here's a picture of me looking very tough in my fighting stuff (over to the right).

(September 2001) I have been interested in kickboxing for the last year and a half and have been training at LA Boxing. On the weekend of Sept 8-9, I went to the IKF USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships in Kansas City. Click HERE to go to the picture page.

I fought in my first fight and won! It was by far the hardest thig I have ever done voluntarily in my life. And then on Sunday I did it again. Unfortunately the fight on Sunday ended in a split decision for the other girl. So I am now 2nd in the nation in Women's amateur lightweight International Leg-Kick kickboxing.

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(March 2001) Finally!!! I have pictures from Thanksgiving. Basically what happened is that I had to get the pictures from Taiwan developed and I took the Thanksgiving roll in too. Click here to go to the Thanksgiving page.

More importantly and of interest to more people (I think) is the trip to Taiwan. Most of you got the email journals that I sent when I could get internet access. I had so many pictures that I divided them between Taichung and Taipei. Click on the city name to go to that page.

(added October 2000) Check out the comet chasing around the mouse. I know it would turn out better if the background was darker but I'm having trouble with that. If you put the mouse over a picture it will show up better. I got it from The Java Script Source. See link at top of page.

(August 2000) My brother likes to rock climb in California. Mostly 'cause that's where he lives (in San Fran) and because it's a way cool thing to do. I keep promising that I will get out there to go with him. I've only climbed rock walls (well, wall just once) but I do like climbing in general and heights (if you couldn't on). So without further ado here's a shot of a trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

(august 2000) i have my private pilot's license for single-engine land fixed-wing craft but lately i've become interested in gyros. mostly thanks to my mom and dad who are gyro builders and flyers. this is a picture of me (in front) getting my first gyro lesson. if you're interested in gyro's click here

(July 2000) I just got this cool search tool from Motorcycle Online. FYI: I ride motorcycles too. I have an '83 Honda Nighthawk 650 and and used to have an '82 Honda Ascot 500 (but I sold it in the summer of 2001). My grandfather owned a dealership for years and years and I grew up riding ever since I was about 8. Back then I had a Honda MR50. Anyone remember those? I belong to a women's cycle riding club called the Motor Maids. Check us out.

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In March 2000 I quit my job in Virginia Beach and moved to Atlanta to work for CrossArtist. It wasn't easy but luckily I have the support of my friends and family. Funny thing about friends, you sometimes don't realize how good they are until you leave them...! The logo below is to the job I was in until March 2001. Click on it to go to the site (of which I was partly in charge). It's a very cool design program and you can download it for free from the site. The Version 2.0 is almost ready so keep checking for it. I have seen 2.0 and it's very user friendly. You'll like playing around with it.

Speaking of friends, click here to see some of my friends/co-workers that I left behind in Virginia.

I just want to take this space to say a little more about friends and Atlanta. I've only been here for a year now but I have found the greatest people. I have an amazing friend base like I haven't had since undergrad. I know that sometimes it's because I am cool to new people and don't let them in and that's entirely my fault. I love you all and deeply appreciate our friendship. I know that I don't give out compliments as often as I should but my life would be much bleaker without your affections.

Another thing I like to do is dance. Mostly now days I go to Israeli Folk dancing or Contra. Here's a link to some information on dancing in the Atlanta area.