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This is it! From Feb 18-March 5 I was in the great country of Taiwan. Most of you know that I went just for vacation mostly because my folks were there for the month while my dad was working on establishing a new gyroplane factory in Taichung. (for more on gyro's see my home page)
Taiwan: Taichung
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First here are some picts of Taichung. This is the city where the folks stayed (and worked).
These two pictures were taken from an elevated walkway. Many of the busy streets had these so you could cross safely (out of the way of the crazy traffic).
The traffic here is not rush hour, it's just a busy street. The tall building is a department store and theater. Very chic, Cartier, Lloyds of London, Polo, anything and everything from US and Europe in way of clothes, fine china, jewlery, etc.
Here's the "airport" where they flew the gyros. It's basically a hangar nestled among rice paddies with a driveway that doubles as a runway. Not much room for landing miscalculation.
I took this picture of the rice paddy standing where the gyro is in the picture above. You can just see the narrow strip on the far left side of the field. This rice has just been planted in the past week or so.
This is another department store in Taichung. This one is more like a Target on the top floor with a grocery store underneath.

Notice the scooters in the street. Scooters far outnumbered the cars and a wide variety of people rode them.

I wrote about how we tried twice to go to the Confuscious Temple on the northeast side of the city... well even if it was closed, the buildings, as seen from a raised walkway in the street next to it, are still neat looking.

Even if the Temple grounds were closed there were these large gates that were over the road in front. This is my college roommate, Tracy and I in front of one of the gates.
That's a good smattering of Taichung. There are still 11 pictures undeveloped in my camera (sorry) I'll add them later. Click here to go to the Taipei page.