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Welcome to my 2002 page. Here are more of my adventures. I'm continuing with my fighting and expanding into other activities like rock climbing. Read on.

Make sure you also check out: 2000 when it all started and 2003 (current page).

(November 2002) Sorry it's been so long and no word but for the most part things have gone along without much news. I have some now though, A NEW FIGHT CONFIRMATION! Yes, I have agreed to fight on January 17, 2003 at the Atlanta Brewing Company. My opponent is a boxer turned kickboxer so I face some good competition. Good news is that she's my size and will do International Leg-kick rules. I'm trying to find someone who will sponsor the fight for the sanctioning fees to make it a Georgia State title. If I do or if I don't find someone it will still be a good night (provided my body can stay injury free this time). Meanwhile I've begun to train again in earnest and boy, am I sore. I'd almost forgotten what I was like to be in such good shape.

(Labor Day Weekend, 2002) I had a great weekend at Camp Coleman, a 3 1/2 day Israeli Folk Dancing camp in the North Georgia mountains. I danced until 2:00 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! My feet are a little sore but my heart is happy and my mind a whirl with all the new dances we learned (14 in all). I usually go to dance and not socialize much but every once in a while it's very nice to be around your co-dancers and get to know them as well. Shalom y'all.

(August 17, 2002) Nationals are now over. It was a good weekend over all, even for being in Iowa. I triumphed over my opponent on Saturday, winning the fight 30-26. That led me to fight in the finals on Sunday. This fight was tough and very close. In the end they gave the decision to my opponent. Her coach told me that you could've flipped a coin on the results. I believe that I won the 2nd and 3rd rounds but only one of the judges saw it that way. I guess there's always next year. Here's a picture of my teammate, Kathy Hagler and I afterwards. Kathy (obviously) won the belt in her division.

Now for the next bit of news. I was going to fight in Atlanta next Friday (August 23) but 3 days ago I detached a couple of ribs and pulled some muscles in my upper back and neck. I have been on muscle relaxers and pain killers since then and won't be in any condition to face an opponent. I'm quite depressed and angry that this has happened but sometimes you get injured and there's nothing to do but take time to heal. Perhaps my opponent will be willing to postpone the fight until November 1. We'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, life goes on.

(July 15, 2002) For those of you not closely following the personal DRAMA of my life this past week, I have a summary. My next fight is the IKF National Tournament August 3 in Iowa. (Yes, I know ...Iowa? But you go where they tell you). Anyway, it turns out that I don't have an opponent in my weight class in International Rules (IR). Neither is there anyone in IR the weight class above nor below me. After some negotiating, I'm going to fight the weight class below in the American or Full Contact style. This means that I have 9 days to lose 5 lbs! I don't think it will be a problem but it's going to be a (not so) fun week and a half.

After that, I do finally have a local fight planned. On Aug 23 I will be fighting at Earthlink Live in Midtown. My opponent (at this time) is the girl who agreed to fight me back in Dec and backed out. She is a Full Contact fighter but has agreed to fight IR rules for this bout. Also, she will weight in around 134lbs so the weight I lose this week for Nationals gets to come back on afterwards. C'est la vie. Anyway, the last fight they held at Earthlink was great and you could buy tickets at ticketmaster so it will be easy to obtain them (you can also buy them there). If you're near the greater Atlanta area I'd love to see you.

(June 15, 2002) Well the IKF Southeast Regionals is over. It was a great weekend. I didn't have an opponent in my weight class (featherweight, 124.1 lbs to 128 lbs) nor my fight style (international leg-kick) so I am the walkover champion to Nationals for that. Meanwhile there was a girl from SC who was there to fight but had no opponent either. We agreed to fight an exhibition in her style (full contact, for those of you new to this, it means no kicks below the waist). It was good experience for both of us and I want to thank her, Tiffany Owen for taking the match. I also want to thank Summer Miller of Augusta who stepped down so Tiffany and I could fight. All three of us will be going to Nationals in Davenport, Iowa next. That will be the weekend of Aug 3. I have some pictures from Regionals and will be setting up a page for everyone to view them. Look for that link at the top of the page when it's done.

(May 20, 2002) I went to California in May and visited my brother in San Francisco and also went to Joshua Tree National Park. Click here to see that page. It's really, really cool!

My next fight will be the IKF Regionals that were going to be in Atlanta on June 29 but were moved to Valdosta on June 15. I'm not too pleased about this but such is the life of an amateur fighter. You go where you're told and do what you have to do. My apologies to everyone in Atlanta but obviously I have no control over this and I'm not pleased as well.

(April 16, 2002)I went to the Battle at the Brewery in Atlanta last weekend (April 12). And even though there were no women's matches this time I had the BEST night of my life. Everybody I knew was there and I met some new people. Most of the guys I know who were fighting won their matches and in general everyone had a good time. I know it was just another fight but it had to be by far the most MEMORABLE for me and I didn't even fight. Hm, maybe I'm onto something here? We'll see.

(April 2002) How could I forget to update this part before? Sometime over the fall of 2001 I started working out at Palmer Shoikdo Kickboxing in Snellville/Stone Mountian. It's a much better fight gym than LA Boxing. Sensei Dennis Palmer is such a great trainer and an expert on fighting. I love working out there. I only wish it was a little closer to where I live but for greatness what's a little drive time? He doesn't have a web page or I would point you there but he trains many a fighter from the beginners to the world contenders and can be found coaching or officiating at most all fights in the SouthEast (and in April was in Scotland and will be going back to Europe soon as well). Many thanks to him for his time with me. If you're interested his gym phone is 770-978-0151.

(April 2002) I had my Lasik surgery on March 19. What an improvement from what my vision was before! I can see!! Now my opponents had better watch out, I will be out for vengence. haha But seriously, I've been taking time off from training and making some changes in my life, mainly trying to regain one. I've spent way too many nights at the gym and forgotten that there was more out there. Mostly I've had fun. So far I've played a good round of golf, ate out more with friends, went out more with friends and made some new friends. I think I'll be ready now to come back a new woman with the fire and enthusiasm that I need to kick some butt at the South-East Regionals and onto IKF Nationals this summer. The Regionals will be in Atlanta, by the way, on June 29. I'm not sure if I'll have an opponent for an official fight. But I will have someone to do an exhibition match at least. It might even end up being the girl I fought at Augusta, see below about that. Nationals were just announced to be in Davenport, Iowa the first weekend of August. Iowa? Not exactly bright lights, big city but it'll do. Actually the venue looks very awsome. I can't wait to come home with a belt this time.

(March 2002) My last fight was at Winter Wars II in Augusta on March 16. Check out the link at the top of the page to see some pictures.

(January 2002) I took off a full week over Christmas and went to Albuquerque to visit with my family and attempt to learn how to snowboard. I'm glad I went and I had a great time but I think I'll stick to skiing. Now it's back to reality. I do have some pictures from the fight in December but no action shots. Sorry. Click here to go to the page with the picts from Albuquerque. Be patient, it has a lot of pictures so it could take a while to download.